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Dental surgery

Хирургическая стоматология

Dental surgery

DD clinic provides a wide range of dental services, a special place among them occupies the dental surgery. The most popular procedures in this segment are the teeth extraction, dental implantation; in addition  the specialists of our clinic can provide large number of services in the area of dental surgery. In a modern dental surgery – precise, ultra-fine tools, materials of new generation, which allow to provide tretment of any complexity.



The most frequent surgical manipulation. Procedure of tooth extraction is performed under local anesthesia. Depending on the level of difficulty it is divided into simple, complex, atypical, which affects both the pricing and the duration of the procedure. If necessary, the wound will be sutured and the stitches will be removed after 5-7 days.  




Directly after the reception, the doctor gives recommendations, prescribes drugs if the situation requires it.

Dental implantation


It is a complex of surgical, orthopedic manipulations aimed at replacing the missing tooth with it’s analog – implant. The implant – subgingival part of the structure, onto which the abutment and crown are placed. Dental imlantation is the most modern way of recovery of defects of dentition in dentistry and divided into several stages. During the first stage establishes the subgingival part of the implant and the wound is sutured. After 1-2 weeks the stitches are removed. The second phase (approximately six months) includes disclosure of implant installation, abutment, which creates gingival margin around the future crown. After several weeks the abutment is placed in, getting to the third stage – prosthetics on implants. The implantation process is accompanied by drug therapy, requires rehabilitation of the oral cavity to prevent secondary infection, careful hygiene, and discipline of the patient. 

Tooth-keeping operations

It is a series of surgical procedures aimed at saving the whole tooth or it’s part. This segment of dentistry is justified demanded. It is especially actual for teeth under large dentures ("hooves") or single crowns. In the presence of chronic focus of infection near the root apex it is usually removed and root canal treatment is provided. root canals. To avoid this doctors of “DD clinic” perform a cystectomy, or resection of the root apex, during which the removal of the pathological lesion with the tip of the root is performed through an incision of the mucosa in its projections and created access through the bone tissue. Besides that such operations as hemisection (extraction one of the roots of multi-rooted tooth together with the adjacent part of the crown, when in the pathological process involves only one root), root amputation, or part (removing one of the roots while maintaining the entire crown), coronary radicular separation (separation of molars of the lower jaw into two parts, followed by coating with crowns) are carried oud.

In addition, the specialists of "DD clinic" - a dental clinic located in Kiev - provide the following services in the area of dental surgery:

An autopsy abscess

Our clinic performs operations of opening the abscess, that did not require hospitalization of the patient. A doctor prescribes medications, examines the patient after the procedure until the complete elimination of purulent-inflammatory process.

Treatment of alveolitis

Alveolitis is a local inflammation in the area of the bone hole after removal. It occurs if the patient rinse blood clot that formed after extraction or for some other reasons, he shifted. Connection of secondary infection. If this happens you need to perform curettage of the bone hole, the hole is washed with antiseptic solutions, can conduct local medical treatment.

Treatment of pericoronitis has been determined

The pericoronitis is a common problem in the area of dental surgery. This can face those who they begin to erupt, wisdom teeth. Soft tissues around the tooth are inflammated, that can give strong pain, can join a secondary infection. In the acute stage, the hood is cut, it creates an outflow of exudate. Pain is reduced, the process of teething easier. If on the testimony of a tooth is subject to extraction, the following stage of treatment can be it’s extraction.

Gingival flap operations

Surgical therapy of periodontal disease – periodontitis, periodontal disease. Improve as a functional component of maxillofacial and aesthetic, being advanced methodology of aesthetic dentistry.

Oral vestibule plastic

The deepening of the vestibule of the oral cavity by surgical methods. Shown at shallow depths. Strictly according to the testimony, as prevention of diseases of periodontic tissues. The procedure can be conducted in conjunction with orthodontic treatment.

Plastic frenulum of the tongue, upper lip.

Low attachment of the frenulum of the upper lip can cause such condition as a diastema (a gap between upper Central incisors) in the future, is a prerequisite for the development of periodontal disease. The frenulum is attached to the language, features of its structure can cause speech defects, the inability to correctly pronounce many of the sounds. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia. Absolutely safe it is used in pediatric practice. The optimal age for holding the manipulation is considered the age when upper central incisors are falling down (6-7 years).

The prices for the services of dental surgery in Kiev