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The alignment of the teeth

The alignment of the teeth

«What is the alignment of the teeth» - one of the most frequently asked questions in dental offices in Kiev. Everyone wants to have smooth and beautiful teeth. However, the nature not all of us awarded as such. Certain orthodontic problems can arise due to various reasons: genetic factors, mechanical injury, diseases. 

Apart from the purely aesthetic discomfort, defects can be the cause of diseases of the tissues of the maxillofacial region. Orthodontic pathology – one of the local factors that contribute to the development of periodontal disease. When running the form, these diseases can lead to tooth loss. Besides, incorrect position complicates the purification of plaque, causing intense congestion, the formation of Tartar. Occurs pathological abrasion of the teeth of those parts which during normal relationship or wear out. In addition, you receive a functional overload of hard tissues, resulting in the formation of defects in cervical areas, which can soprovozhdatsa high sensitivity.

Today there are several effective methods for smile correction. Modern dentistry allows you to create a perfect smile in a short period of time without disturbing the health of the teeth and the whole body.

To align the dentition, as well as to solve the problem of the aesthetic attractiveness of a smile is possible with the help of prosthetic dentistry (can use veneers, Lumineers, crowns of various modern materials), aesthetic restoration (used photopolymer materials), and orthodontics (braces, veneers, mouthguards for teeth straightening, etc.).

One of the fastest ways to give a required shape and color is prosthetics. Often use ceramic or metal-ceramic crowns, veneers, Lumineers (special thin plate made of ceramics or composites, which are fixed on the front surface of the tooth). Dentures can eliminate problems such as chips, various defects, wide spaces between teeth, unsightly or changed the color of the enamel. Actual this kind of correction of the smile is also for those teeth that have severely damaged the crown part or extensive restorations, fillings. Advanced materials, manufacturing technology metal-free structures can achieve visualations result. Your smile is irresistible and natural at the same time.

Method for art restoration in Kiev can also solve the problem of the attractiveness of Your smile. This method will allow to correct minor defects. Artificial surfaces restored teeth should be polished once a year. If You want to make your smile brighter, do not forget that restoration is not bleached, so in that case better go through the procedure of professional teeth bleaching. For restorations used photopolymers new generation of nanocomposites, wherein each layer is recovering tissues with regard to their optical properties. These teeth look natural.

The most popular method of teeth straightening – orthodontic treatment using removable, fixed constructions. Removable design is a special plate and tray for alignment, which are set separately on each jaw. They are made to individual prints. Fixed design – braces (metal braces, ceramic braces, sapphire braces, lingual braces). This is the most effective method of treatment. More detail You can see the braces in the section "Recommendations».

Doctors dental clinic "DD clinic" in Kiev, practice change of malocclusion dentition at any age, conditionally dividing the treatment into several stages: early (before 10 years), adolescent (under 18 years), adult (after age 18). When this doctor clinics use different modern methods of orthodontic treatment, as well as the latest advanced technology. The doctors of dentistry "DD clinic" in Kiev guarantee the work quality and stable treatment result.

In childhood most commonly used removable design – plates to align the teeth, correct your bite. Such designs are made to individual prints. After the fit in the mouth, once a month orthodontist carries out the correction, the activation of the device. Such treatment may take up to one year. Youngest patients our specialists offer wearing before prosthodontic trainers – special standard maxillary mouthguards, which normalize the work of all the muscles that can affect the position of the teeth.

In adolescence it is possible to work with fixed constructions – braces. This is only possible if all the permanent teeth erupted, and their roots had finished forming.

Adult experts "DD clinic" offer their services for tooth alignment using braces or special trays. Mouthguards are used in simple orthodontic pathologies, mainly with a little crowding in the anterior segment or anomalies of teeth position. Such splints are made to individual impressions in the dental laboratory. More complex clinical cases adjusted bracket systems. Every 3-4 weeks the correction of the activation elements of the system.

For more detailed acquaintance with the cost of teeth straightening, You can read the section "Prices". The reception holds orthodontist, candidate of medical Sciences. 

Not always our smile can be considered to be perfectly smooth and white. The service is called "the alignment of the teeth Kiev" quickly and effectively eliminates all the problems, the causes of which can be quite different. In the dental clinic "DD clinic" are specialists of the highest category, they are able to cope with any problems, regardless of their level of difficulty.