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Ultrasonic cleaning in Kiev

Ultrasonic cleaning of the face – this is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the modern metropolis. She is the most popular one, as it represents the most sparing kind of this procedure. The benefits of it become secure and safe, no side effects such as itching, redness, peeling. In view of preserving the integrity of the skin, and given the fact that ULTRASONIC cleaning of the face is virtually a painless procedure, it is the most comfortable emotionally for the patient.

Particularities of the procedure

This type of cleaning is carried out using a special tool – ultrasonic scrubber. The first stage is preparatory. Is removing make-up (makeup removal), special cleansing gel. Pre-applied to the skin with a special gel, which opens the pores and loosens the cells of the epidermis. Under the action of ultrasonic waves from the pores out their contents, are shed upper epidermis cells, is the so-called ultrasonic peeling. When living cells are not damaged. In addition to cleansing the pores, Ultrazvuk has a positive effect on the skin. ULTRASONIC wave optimizes the cells of the epidermis and dermis, there is a massage at the molecular level, increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which leads to toning, skin elasticity, increases microcirculation and lymph flow, decreases swelling, skin become more perceptive to the active ingredients of the serum, and mask. After this treatment the skin becomes less sensitive, its color, bump lines, and minimizes pores.

After this treatment the skin becomes less sensitive, its color, bump lines, and minimizes pores. With regular procedure ultrasonic cleaning of the face, neck, décolleté pores cleaned better, each subsequent cleaning is easier. If necessary, the cleaning can be supplemented by mechanical, especially T-zone.

After cleaning, apply the mask with pore constrictive, anti-inflammatory effect. As a result - on the face after the procedure, no redness, and no rash appears.

The procedure may be supplemented darsonvalization, cryo.

Indications for the procedure

Like any medical procedure, ULTRASONIC cleaning has its indications and contraindications. Because ultrasonic cleaning in Kiev is suitable for any skin type and it there are no age restrictions, the main indications for the procedure are:

  • oily skin;
  • the presence of open comedones;
  • normal skin;
  • dry, sensitive, hypersensitive skin;
  • dull, aging skin with loss of elasticity.

Contraindications to ultrasonic cleaning person

The main contraindications to the procedure are:

  • purulent-inflammatory processes localized in the maxillofacial area;
  • the cold sore area treated area (active phase);
  • acne (severe form);
  • cancer of any localization;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system in subcompensated and decompensated forms;
  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • pregnancy.

Alternative to ultrasonic cleaning person in Kiev

If for some reason You do not fit ultrasonic cleaning alternative ways of cleansing the skin in terms of beauty parlor are:

  • combined (ultrasonic mechanical complemented);
  • mechanical (held special tools or fingers wrapped in sterile wipes);
  • vacuum (glass is bits of different forms in which a vacuum is created);
  • atraumatic (cleansing with the help of special cosmetic means, which is applied in layers);
  • chemical peels (controlled damage to the skin with the aim of expediting the process of updating them, normalize the work of sebaceous glands);
  • microdermabrasion (superficial mechanical exfoliation, which are shed top Horny scales, accelerate the renewal process of the skin, partially cleaned pores, improving microcirculation, and lymph flow).

Recommendations after the procedure

After passing through the ultrasonic cleaning is recommended within 12 hours do not wash, do not apply cosmetics (Foundation, powder, blush). Also it is not necessary at this time to use the Solarium, sauna and steam room, gym, to stay in the sun, swim in open water. You can use thermal, micellar water, alcohol-free tonics. To choose the professional cosmetics for home care tailored to Your skin type can help professionals "DD clinic».

Competent cosmetician completely skilled in the conduct of this manipulation can choose a specific mechanism of action of ultrasonic waves on the patient taking into account his individual characteristics. Doctors "DD clinic" will perform this procedure on a high professional level, medical intervention under the action of an experienced beautician turns into anti-stress massage, the patient can relax and surrender into the hands of qualified doctors. To find out more detailed information you can, make an appointment in "DD clinic".