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Treatment of dental caries

Progressive methods of treatment

Dental treatment – one of the most popular areas in medicine in general and in dentistry in particular. Timely dental treatment is a guarantee that the patient will be healthy, and his smile is flawless. The market of dental services in recent years has reached a qualitatively new level of service. Today, a lot of dental clinics offer a wide range of services. But to find a clinic, which monitors the cleanliness, attentive to each of my patient, not so easy. "DD clinic" enjoys an excellent reputation among citizens of Kiev-city.  

"DD clinic" is staffed with highly skilled professionals, providing care to patients of all ages. The most modern equipment is available for dentists, allowing to perform all dental procedures and providing maximum comfort for patients. Dental treatment is just one of the area of work of the dental clinic.. We often use this concept of dental treatment in everyday life. And so let's see what does it mean?

  • Diagnosis and prevention of oral diseases;
  • Treatment of caries, fillings;
  • Composite (aesthetic) restoration of teeth;
  • The removal of plaque, calculus, professional whitening;
  • Treatment of diseases of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity;
  • Treatment of periodontal disease;
  • Restoration the anatomical shape of decayed teeth with prosthetic – tabs, crowns and replacement the defects with dentures;
  • Correction the malocclusion of the teeth.

Diagnosis of diseases of the oral cavity

The key to successful dental treatment – qualitative and correct diagnosis. For the diagnosis of dental diseases specialists of «DD clinic» use classical methods: a survey, external examination, examination of the oral cavity, instrumental methods of examination: probing, palpation, percussion. If required, they use an x-ray examination of the teeth: sighting radiography, orthopantomography, computer tomography. On X-ray photo you can see hidden cavities, the presence of periapical lesions of inflammation, bone health, the presence of tumors. At pathologies of the temporomandibular joint they used MRI – magnetic resonance imaging, which allows you to see not only bone, but also soft tissue structures, including the articular disc, ligaments.

To detect hidden cavities, Tartar, plaque, defects of the crowns of the teeth specialists of «DD clinic» use the image diagnostics: with the help of dental camera images of the teeth, soft tissues of the oral cavity in a slightly larger size are transmitted to a monitor in real time, allowing the patient to see what he could not deal with in the usual mirror.

Treatment of caries in Kiev

Successful experienced dentists of the clinic are using the most advanced equipment, innovative materials allows us to solve problems, which several years ago was considered as hopeless. Today patients of the clinic have all the chances to efficiently recover even the most problematic teeth efficiently. The most popular service is filling. Treatment of caries is not all that can be done with the help of innovative composite materials. They are also used for aestetic restoration, shape correction, color correction, elimination chipping of the enamel, splinting of mobile teeth. In the process of curing this seal becomes the one with the tooth: the material of the seal reacts chemically with the tissues, so it looks indistinguishable from the enamel. Different colors allow to mask photopolymer fillings that they are not visible even in the case of cervical sealing. In addition to modern materials doctors commonly use in their practice the principles of minimally invasive treatment, which is the maximum preservation of hard tissues during dental treatment in different ways.


Aesthetic restoration

For anterior (front) teeth relevant procedures, such as restoration. For this purpose, photopolymer materials of different composition, which allows to restore each layer of tissue, passing all the optical properties and characteristics. Such aesthetic restoration has no differences with natural teeth, creating a harmonious smile.

Often this procedure is know to as the "building-up teeth". But unfortunately it does not fit for all. This includes people with malocclusion, teeth abrasion and attritments. If you want your restored teeth to serve you as long as possible, you will need to undergo the procedure of professional hygiene of the oral cavity, during which the doctor will Polish all the artificial surfaces.

Endodontic treatment

When the inflammatory process extends to the pulp, periodontics, or it is necessary to coat teeth with crowns, rational selection method – endodontic treatment. Our experts will carry out all manipulations painless, will choose the best way to restore the anatomical shape of the treated teeth.

This area of dental treatment involves root canal treatment. You can often hear the misconception that if you remove the nerve, the tooth will be dead and will not serve long. Fortunately, modern materials, equipment allows to conduct high-quality endodontic treatment on a high level that will not affect the service life of a treated tooth. Specialists of “DD clinic” have a microscope, binoculars, endomotor with apex locator to provide high-level endodontic treatment. This equipment allows you to see the smallest details during dental treatment, treating root canals by machine using highly flexible tools. Such instrumental root canal treatment improves the speed and quality of the work. Our experts will carry out all manipulations painless, will choose the best way to restore the anatomical shape of the treated teeth, ranging from seals and ending with highly aesthetic non-metall ceramic crowns.

Prices for dental treatment in Kiev