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Removable partial dentures

съемное протезирование зубов

Removable prosthetics

Dentures used in cases of partial or total edentulism. Such dentures are a cheaper compared to fixed designs, prosthetics on implants, therefore, remain relevant and are popular among the residents of the city of Kiev. The specialists of "DD clinic" provide a full range of services in the field of removable prosthetics, restoring the edentulous space even in the most difficult clinical cases.

Dentures can be divided into plate and clasp. 

Plastic dentures

In the process of production and manufacture of this type of prosthesis uses a special plastic mass. It is used as a denture base. Also used plastic teeth. At the request of the patient for the manufacture of the prosthesis can be used porcelain teeth, which gives great design aesthetics, but in this case, the design will cost much more. The patient together with dentist can pick up on a special scale Witt future color of the teeth to determine the size and shape. Thus prepared plastic prosthesis has high aesthetic characteristics while maintaining and renewing the fundamental function of chewing. This type of prosthesis is fixed in the oral cavity or by means of a special retaining clasps, or by the adhesive properties of the mucosa. For these purposes, can be used with a special gel-cream. Because of rapid growth in the popularity of implants to retain removable prosthesis often produce the dental implants procedure. This allows you to replace one or more teeth that will help retain a denture. You can learn more about the dental implants You will be able in section implantation.

пластмассовые съемные протезы

Nylon dentures

Nylon is one of the most advanced and modern materials used in the manufacture of dental prostheses. Today nylon dentures is becoming more popular. Flexible nylon dentures are used for the micro-prosthetics, partial replacement of defects or to complete prosthetics. This removable prosthesis, which is typically prescribed for patients suffering from periodontal disease. The use of nylon dentures are able to virtually eliminate the loosening of the abutment teeth as a result of their loss. Fixation characteristics in this case possess invisible from the side of the alveolar-dental clamp - special hooks that hold the product in the mouth.




съемное протезирование

Partial denture

This is the most common variant of removable dentures. A distinctive feature of these implants is the presence of a handle – metal arc. This reduces the size of the basis, to accelerate the adjustment to the design, as well as to maintain the sensitivity of the soft tissues of the oral cavity. Clasp dentures on the clasps are removable designs that are attached to the abutment teeth through a variety of hooks.

Clasp denture not only replaces lost teeth, evenly distributing the load on the bearing, but also helps prevent further tooth loss, so it is the technology of choice for replacement of defects of dentition in patients with periodontal disease. In such designs options include splinting elements.

Clasp dental prosthesis with a locking bracket connected with the teeth with the help of locking systems. With chewing pressure is transmitted only on the abutment teeth, which additionally strengthened with the help of crowns, pin designs. From the outside of the teeth, these dentures are invisible.


бюгельное протезирование зубов

How does the procedure pass

If You are faced with a lack of one or more teeth, do not despair, the specialists of "DD clinic" will help You to restore the integrity of the dentition. It will not only be functional but also beautiful.

For this highly skilled orthopaedic consultants clinic should:

  1.  To hold a consultation, during which a decision will be made on the necessary preparatory stages – medical, surgical preparation of the mouth and their direct implementation.
  2.  Design: You can discuss with the doctor not only material, which will be made orthopedic product, but also the shape, color of teeth.
  3.  Receiving impression
  4.  Fabrication of the prosthesis in a dental laboratory using modern high-precision equipment, and imported materials.
  5.  Fit in the oral cavity, a correction of the borders.
  6.  Recommendations for care
  7.  Correction of the borders if necessary after a certain period of operation.


Store dentures should be in a clean dry place. Washed under running water, cleaned his paste brush. For additional cleansing, you can use special tablets that dissolve plaque and having a weak antiseptic activity. For better fixation in the oral cavity can be used creams, gels, enhance the adhesion (sticking) to the soft tissues. Adaptation to removable structures occurs within one month. After a few days of wearing may be feeling rubbing and pressure on the mucosa. In this case, You should contact a doctor for boundary correction. Every six months, you must attend medical examinations. Selection of tools, items of the oral health specialists will help You "DD clinic».

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