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Teeth cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning

All people care for their teeth and observe daily hygiene of the oral cavity using toothpastes and mouthwashes. It may seem that there is no need to go to the dental clinic to clean the teeth. But actually the difference between usual and  professional teeth cleaning exists and it is quite large. Professional hygiene of the oral cavity harmoniously complements individual hygiene and greatly increases its efficiency. Statistics shows that regular visits to a dental hygienist can reduce the risk of diseases of the teeth and oral cavity in general almost twicely. Dental hygienists of the dental clinic. «DD clinic" regularly hold events for healing teeth and gums, which the patient can perform themselves.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning in Kiev

This type of occupational hygiene is performed using a special instrument, ultrasonic scaler. The mechanism is quite simple: ultrasonic wave, conducted with the help of water, destroys the relationship of dental plaque with the tooth surfaces and they are easily removed. In addition, the water supplied to the nozzle, prevents overheating of the hard tissues of the teeth.

Ultrasonic cleaning allows you to:

  • remove – Tartar;
  • clean tooth surfaces from dense, pigmented plaque, formed as a result of Smoking cigarettes, hookah, drinking a large number of natural coffee, tea;
  • remove subgingival calculus as an alternative to manual scaling.

Ultrasonic cleaning is contraindicated for people with pacemakers and those who have a large number of fixed prosthetic constructions in the oral cavity.

Teeth cleaning method Air flow

The most popular in the segment of preventive services in Kiev is the procedure Air flow. Brushing your teeth with this method occurs when a small silicone balls that are served by high pressure water and air through a special nozzle.

Procedure Air-flow is effective if you have:

  • fixed orthodontic appliances (braces, non-removable retainers);
  • veneers, Lumineers, companero;
  • a large number of bits;
  • massive restorations, especially in the front of the teeth.

In addition during this procedure is qualitatively:

  • the removal of plaque in the interdental spaces;
  • the elimination of pigmented plaque that is firmly attached to the surfaces of the teeth including plaque, formed as a result of hookah smoking, drinking natural coffee, tea;
  • the cleaning of subgingival space;
  • the brightening of the teeth.

Varnish - deep fluoridation

After professional teeth cleaning is carried out according to the testimony remineralizing therapy – rehabilitation, enrichment of the mineral composition of teeth hard tissues. For this purpose, special toothpastes, gels, varnishes containing fluoride, calcium, other minerals in various combinations. Deep fluoridation is done to relieve or prevent sensitive teeth.

The most popular and reasonable efficiency have:

  • coverage of dental fluoride varnish (Fluor protector, Germany; Bifluorid 12, Germany);
  • deep fluoridation ( enamel-sealing liquid, Germany);
  • the application of fluoride gels ( Tooth Mousse, Japan);
  • using at home toothpastes, mouthwashes, containing a compound of calcium fluoride at high concentrations ( Vitis fluor active, Spain; Emofluor, Switzerland; Paro amin, Switzerland).

Recommendations from the dentist

Procedure of professional teeth cleaning is recommended to take place every six months. If You have a tendency to intensive formation of Tartar, a similar procedure should be providing more often – once every 3-4 months. To maintain the cleanliness of the teeth at home, you need to use special toothpastes, mouthwashes, and flosses, interdental brushes. After professional teeth cleaning professionals of DD clinic can help to pick up the items of the oral health care.

The price of a professional dental cleaning in Kiev