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Plastic dentures

Plastic dentures

Plastic denture – it is orthopedic construction that is used in partial or complete defect of the dentition. When the problem of missing teeth is becoming for You and Your family relevant, to cope with it can help professionals "DD clinic". Qualified podiatrists with extensive experience in the field of removable prosthetics, to help restore the integrity of the tooth row even under the most difficult clinical cases. You can easily trust the professionals – the specialists of "DD clinic". Despite the emergence of more modern dental materials, plastic and orthopedic products continue to enjoy popularity among the residents of the city of Kiev due to the relatively low cost.

Kinds of plastic designs

Plastic dentures can be:

- partial, full;

Partial use in the absence of one or more teeth. The restoration of one missing tooth refers to microproteinuria, such a prosthesis is called "butterfly". Full is shown in the absence of teeth.

- removable, non-removable;

Removable orthopedic products the patient can remove on their own without any additional devices. Fixed almost are not used in dental practice, as they require the preparation of a sufficiently large volume hard tissue.

- temporary, permanent;

Plastic prostheses are used as temporary because of its low price, for example, after the implantation till the moment of fixing crowns. Permanent plastic prostheses have a lifespan of 3 to 5 years, which is significantly less than implants made from other materials, so plastic structures require more frequent replacement.

- extruded, injection molded.

The manufacturing of plastic dentures in Kiev

Do such a construction in a dental laboratory using high-precision modern equipment, imported materials. Our clinic has its own dental laboratory, which greatly speeds up the process of manufacturing prosthetic that improves the quality of work.

Specialists dental laboratory plaster cast model on the obtained prints, start making the wax design. The wax is modeled by a basis – the main part of the prosthesis by which a dental technician sets the artificial teeth manufactured in the factory way of special plastic. If desired, the patient can be installed porcelain teeth, which will significantly increase the cost of such work. In complex cases, the necessary fitting of the wax structures in the oral cavity. After that the wax is changed to plastic by molding or casting. Molding more durable, have a high fitting accuracy to the lining, completely repeating its relief, but this design is much more expensive than extruded. Plastic, made of the base may be colorless, or pink with splashes of red veins, and thus imitates the capillaries of the mucous membrane, and has a high stability of form, color, so this design is quite aesthetic, durable, while having a low cost. Production time: 5-7 working days.

Indications for prosthetics plastic constructions

Indications for the use of plastic prostheses are:

  • the absence of one or more teeth;
  • complete absence of teeth;
  • the need to use a plastic prosthesis as a provisional.

Contraindications to the use of

Contraindications to the prosthesis plastic constructions:

  • an Allergy to the plastic;
  • the mobility of teeth with periodontal disease;
  • pathological abrasion of teeth;
  • low clinical crown abutment teeth (for partial dentures);
  • orthodontic pathology.

How does the procedure pass

The manufacture of plastic prostheses in several stages.

  1.  The implementation of the preparatory phase if necessary (therapeutic, surgical manipulation).
  2.  The choice of design, coordination with the patient teeth color, their shape.
  3.  Receiving impression/prints.
  4.  Fitting the wax if needed.
  5.  The manufacture of plastic prosthesis in our dental laboratory using the latest equipment, imported materials.
  6.  Fit in the oral cavity, a correction of the borders.
  7.  Correction of boundaries, if necessary, after a certain time of operation.


Store dentures should be in a clean dry place. Washed under running water, cleaned his paste brush. For additional cleansing, you can use special tablets that dissolve plaque and having a weak antiseptic activity. For better fixation in the oral cavity can be used creams, gels, enhance the adhesion (sticking) to the soft tissues. Adaptation to removable structures occurs within one month. After a few days of wearing may be feeling rubbing and pressure on the mucosa. In this case, You should contact a doctor for boundary correction. Every six months, you must attend medical examinations. Selection of tools, items of the oral health specialists will help You "DD clinic».