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The treatment of periodontitis

пародонтоз лечение

Periodontics: gum’s treatment in Kiev

Gum’s treatment – is a popular service in the area of dental practice. Each person deal with this problem: according to statistics, up to 90% of adults suffer from periodontal disease. It’s impossible to cure this disease completely, it is only possible to suspend the process. Running form can lead to tooth loss.

High level of development of modern Periodontology allows the best way to diagnose the condition of the teeth and the tissues that surround them. This helps to identify the disease of periodontal tissues – the supporting structures of teeth – in the early stages, which guarantees the restoration of health, preservation of a patient's teeth. Specialists of dental clinic "DD clinic", located in Kiev, perfectly oriented in all types of pathology of periodontal tissues, methods of therapy. Each of the doctors clinic awarded the degree of candidate of medical Sciences, and a wealth of practical experience allows no doubt get a good result.

Periodontal diseases: types

Most of the people all of the diseases in this group are erroneously called "periodontitis". Unfortunately, it is not. Periodontal disease is only possible States, which is much more rare than periodontitis, gingivitis. Let's identify their key differences.

Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums without disrupting the dentogingival junction; this process is reversible.

When periodontal disease has prevalent inflammatory factor, dentogingival connection breaks down, begins the process of destruction of bone tissue. The gums bleed, change their color from bright red to bluish. There is an intense amount of Tartar.

A distinctive feature of periodontal disease is a destructive component, gums with pale, tightly wrapped around the tooth neck. Bleeding, and dental plaque is almost none. But in the cervical areas appear defects that cause increased sensitivity.

Periodontitis treatment

The disease is always chronic in nature, can be localized, generalized. The cause of the local process is the availability of local traumatic factors. This can be overhanging the edge of the seal, irrational prosthetics, injury by a toothpick.  In dental clinic "DD clinic» has been successfully conducted curettage of the gums – procedure, during which meedeniya pockets are cleaned of food caught in them, germs, formed as a result of plaque. Then the root of the tooth is polishing. As a result, the inflammation passes.

In the generalized process affects the periodontium of both jaws. Rehabilitation process if this goes on much longer. A major role in the infectious origin plays a factor, so often assigned medical scheme (antibiotic therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, antiseptics). Such treatment may be not only common, but local. In addition there must be:

  • treatment of system diseases;
  • professional hygiene of the oral cavity with the removal of all tartar and plaque;
  • special homecare for gums and teeth;
  • teaching oral hygiene, its control;
  • sanitation of the oral cavity;
  • surgical treatment if necessary;
  • orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances ;
  • orthopedic treatment (splinting of mobile teeth, rational prosthesis).

пародонтит лечение

Periodontal disease treatment

Periodontal disease - is a system failure of all the tissues surrounding the tooth. Occurs quite infrequently. Some are not competent dentists confuse this disease with periodontitis. Periodontal disease in contrast, periodontitis is characterized by the formation of periodontal pockets, and tooth mobility. On the contrary, this disease is characterized by the usual fixation of the tooth in the gum, however, expose the neck of the tooth, there are defects in the cervical area, there is hypersensitivity, formed a small amount of dental plaque.

During the treatment methods aimed at improving the microcirculation:

  • treatment of system diseases;
  • the elimination of bad habits, especially smoking;
  • massage of gums;
  • taking drugs that improve blood circulation in the periodontal tissues.

Procedure of splinting the mobile teeth

The symptom of periodontitis is severe tooth mobility. The clinic will perform splinting the mobile teeth. It is a modern method of treatment of periodontal disease, prevent its exacerbation.

Fiberglass filament is mounted on the inner side of the teeth, and fixed with a special composite material. After blowing out the thread hardens, firmly linking the teeth together. This allows you to evenly distribute occlusal load on the entire denture, to eliminate the mobility, resulting in rehabilitation.

Clasp dentures with splinting elements, crowns are using for permanent splinting.  

Снятие зубного камня в Киеве при лечении пародонтита, шинировании зубов, лечении гингивита и пародонтоза

Важным моментом в лечении пародонтита является снятие зубного камня. Зубной налет скапливается в пространстве между зубом и десной, провоцируя размножение микробов, воспалительные процессы тканей пародонта. Минерализованный  налет (зубной камень) является очагом распространения микробов, которые разрушают не только ткани пародонта, но и эмаль зубов.

The removal of dental plaque is the initial stage in the treatment of periodontitis, including splinting mobile teeth, removal of comorbidities. Then there is the treatment aimed at the intensive restoration of the periodontium: physiotherapy manipulations (massage, including acupressure), instillation of drugs in periodontal pockets, applications of medicines (ointments, solutions, mixtures), the injection rate.

The Tartar removal, professional teeth cleaning are an essential stage of treatment of gingivitis – inflammation that affects only the upper part of the gum tissue, without affecting the bone tissue. Afterwards, using medical therapy and surgical intervention are rare.

Doctors of “DD clinic” have developed effective plans of the treatment of periodontal diseases, including physiotherapy, surgical methods of tretment if necessary. "Vector-therapy", based on the using of highly directional sound waves is also successfully used. The combined effect is achieved: no injuries, plaque, germs are destroyed and the tooth surface, in addition, is polished.

Doctors dental clinic "DD clinic", in addition to treatment, which is carried out in the clinic, developing complexes of the daily activities that patients must done at home. Also they will recommend an optimal diet, it will greatly speed up the healing process. Specialists of dental clinic "DD clinic" will help you safely get rid of the periodontal problems, to keep the teeth and the confidence that your smile is irresistible!

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