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The bracket system

Braces – is a fixed orthodontic appliance for the correction of tooth position and alignment of the dentition. They are attached to the surfaces of the teeth with the help of a special materials. Each bracket set has its own program of a direction of movement of the teeth. In the slot of each bracket rests wire with a "shape memory" – the force that returns the wire back to its original position, as if it is not deformed. This force gradually aligns individual teeth or their ranks.

Smile is man's expression of joy, fun, good-natured, peace-loving attitudes. It is very difficult to communicate with each other without smile. And the fear of "losing" your smile makes a lot of prejudice against braces: they say braces spoil the smile and even make ugly. Well, let's try to answer this seemingly difficult question.


First of all, the smile is spoiling not by the braces, but by the defects of anterior teeth and uncorrect structure. In addition, braces are elegant, like jewelry, and often even invisible.

What kind of braces are there?

  • metal
  • ceramic
  • sapphire
  • self-ligating

Metal braces

The traditional technology, when the whole design (and items attached to the teeth, and the arc, uniting them in a single system) is made of metal. In spite of its "Patriarchy", these systems are still popular, as patients and orthodontists. Metal braces are still considered the most versatile design for correction of the malocclusion. Modern manufacturers try to reduce their size, some braces have a rounded shape, which slightly increases their aesthetics.


Main advantages:

  • the minimum price;
  • classical appearance;
  • a wide range of options;
  • the lowest possible friction between the groove and the arc, and, therefore, more rapid treatment.

Price from 7 950 UAH.

Ceramic design

There are two types: polycrystalline and monocrystalline.

Polycrystalline – aesthetically attractive, opaque (white).

Monocrystalline (sapphire) is the most expensive and the most aesthetic (each bracket is an artificial transparent crystal of sapphire).  

Ceramic braces made of a special ceramic material (as in the technology of production of crowns) method of sintering; they are tooth-colored. Sapphire make by laser engraving, which increases their adhesion to the surfaces of the teeth. Sapphire braces are completely transparent.



Main advantages:

  • high aesthetics (practical invisible on the teeth);
  • have very good adhesion to the hard tissues of the teeth due to the special surface treatment of braces;
  • minimal irritation of the soft tissues of the mouth, addictive to them.

Цена от 11 950 грн / 14 950 сапф.

Lingual braces

Lingual system attached to the inner side of the tooth surface. They come in standard and customized system ( Incognito). These braces are made individually for Your clinical case of an alloy of metals, most of which is gold. This leads to their high cost. Get used to the lingual braces are harder to outside, often broken diction. But in spite of this, these braces are very popular among patients, as they have maximum aesthetic characteristics: when their conversation is absolutely not visible.


Main advantages:

  • maximum aesthetic characteristics;
  • less risk of tooth decay around the brackets, since the inner surface of the teeth more resistant to decay;
  • absolute hypoallergenic and fast getting used to the braces.
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