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Nylon dentures

Nylon dentures

Nylon dentures – orthopedic constructions, which are used in partial or complete absence of teeth. Services in high quality, rapid manufacture of these implants is offered by experts "DD clinic" is a dental clinic located in Solomenskiy district of Kiev. Podiatrists at our clinic will help to restore the integrity of the dentition even in the most neglected and difficult clinical cases. For this purpose at their disposal a modern high-precision equipment, import materials, and own dental laboratory.

Advantages, disadvantages nylon designs

These dentures are also called soft, supple, silicone. Nylon is flexible, so fits well to the tissues of the prosthetic bed, has a high degree of fixation. It is completely hypoallergenic, safe, therefore used if there is Allergy to the plastic. Has no metal elements, has a high aesthetic characteristics, does not cause discomfort, discomfort talking, eating. Such a prosthesis can be worn during sleep.

The disadvantage is the high price compared to implants made from other materials. In addition, because of its physical characteristics nylon is worse than polished, which contributes to the accumulation of plaque and requires a more thorough hygienic treatment. Not recommended for high smile lines, when the wide smile of the naked gums, due to the fact that through the nylon can Shine through the artificial teeth and it looks OK, attractive. Masticatory pressure is redistributed to the mucous membrane, with long-term use of any denture is atrophy of the bone tissue. Therefore, a real alternative removable prosthetics  to save the bone volume is prosthetics on implants;. When periodontal disease preference for clasp prosthesis with splinting elements. Full dentures can be conditionally removable, this means that the design can only be extracted by a doctor using special tools, to remove it.

Indications for use

These designs have virtually no contraindications, can be used in such cases:

  • the absence of one or more teeth;
  • complete absence of teeth;
  • as an interim design between the first and the second stage of implantation;
  • allergic to acrylic (as an alternative to plastic structures);
  • the absence of tooth/teeth in children (microprosthetics).

Manufacturing technology of nylon dentures in Kiev

All orthopedic products manufactured in a dental laboratory, not the exception, and nylon dentures. To do this, using the obtained doctor of dental technicians prints cast plaster models, which simulate the borders of the future prosthesis, and a base wax. Basis represents the bulk of the prosthesis to which artificial teeth are fixed. Standard artificial teeth are made in the factory way of plastic. At the request of the patient in the design may be included porcelain teeth, which improves the aesthetic component and significantly increases the cost of the work. The locking elements of the clamp are made of nylon, which is a continuation basis. By their color they are almost invisible in the mouth.

In some complex clinical cases, you may need the fitting of the wax design. The doctor determines the correct placement of the teeth, as well as the correct position of the mandible relative to the upper. After that, a dental technician changes the wax on the nylon, the prosthesis is polished, polished. Production time: 5-7 working days. The service life of nylon prosthesis – 5 years, but it has to last a lot longer, without changing their appearance, fully performing its function.

What is the procedure

The manufacture of nylon dentures is held in several stages.

  1.  The implementation of the preparatory phase if necessary (therapeutic, surgical manipulation).
  2.  The choice of design, coordination with the patient teeth color, their shape.
  3.  Receiving impression/prints.
  4.  Fitting the wax if needed.
  5.  Manufacturer of nylon prosthesis in a dental laboratory using the latest equipment, imported materials.
  6.  Fit in the oral cavity, a correction of the borders.
  7.  Correction of boundaries, if necessary, after a certain period of operation.


Store nylon dental prostheses should be in a clean dry place. Washed under running water, brush his toothpaste, brush. For further purification you can use special tablets that dissolve plaque and has a weak antiseptic activity. For better fixation in the oral cavity can be used creams, gels, enhance the adhesion (sticking) to the soft tissues. Adapting to removable structures occurs within one month. After a few days of wearing may be feeling rubbing and pressure on the mucosa. In this case, You should contact a doctor for boundary correction. Every six months you must visit the preventive examinations. Selection of tools, items of the oral health specialists will help You "DD clinic».