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Люминиры в Киеве

Lumineers for teeth in Kiev

Lumineers – this type of veneers. They are thin porcelain plate, covering the outer surface of the tooth. The thickness is comparable to a contact lens. For the first time they were used in Hollywood, so when it comes to Lumineers are very often referred to as Hollywood veneers. Lumineers is a patented manufacturing technology of the American company DenMat. For the manufacture of aesthetic designs laboratory specialists use special DenMat Cerinate porcelain. A distinctive feature of Lumineers is the lack of preparation of hard tissues of teeth (grinding).

Indications for placing

In today's world, everyone strives to improve their appearance, is not an exception and a smile. For the correction of smile dentists resorted to the use of the achievements of aesthetic dentistry. One of such achievements – the Lumineers that will suit your needs, if You are not satisfied with:

  • the position, the shape of detached teeth;
  • the color of the teeth;
  • chipped, cracked enamel;
  • non-carious lesions;
  • Trema, diastema (gaps between teeth) – as an alternative to orthodontic treatment.

The advantages of "DD clinic»

«DD clinic" is a dental clinic which earned justified the confidence of the residents, visitors of the city of Kiev. Highly qualified podiatrists clinic have extensive practical experience in the field of aesthetic dentistry. Our experts can help You choose the optimal treatment, the result of which You will certainly be pleased.  

In addition, the manufacturing process of Lumineers is:

  • quickly,
  • high quality,
  • painless,
  • atraumatic.

And as a result of our work together You will get the perfect smile You can be proud of!

Contraindications to install

Contraindications to the use of data structures are:

  • malocclusions (deep, level bite, severe crowding in the anterior);
  • bruxism;
  • diseases of periodontal tissues, especially with severe mobility;
  • large carious cavity;
  • a thin layer of enamel;
  • weakened, thinned hard tissues of teeth;
  • low clinical crown;
  • pathological abrasion, attritions;
  • low level of oral health.

How does the procedure pass

The procedure is absolutely painless, since it does not require the removal of nerves, dissection of solid tissues.

At Your first visit the doctor will determine the feasibility of using Lumineers in Your case, together You will choose the color, the shape of future construction. Getting prints is preceded by the procedure of professional hygiene, during which removed all the plaque, Tartar. Next, after finalizing the color doctor receives impressions, which, together with diagnostic models, images sent to a lab in the USA. Term of manufacturing Lumineers – 4-5 weeks.

During Your second visit, You will record the design using special material. Pre-prepare the tooth for a better grip with fixing material.

Alternative to Lumineers in Kiev

The rapid development of dentistry as a science in the last few decades has contributed to the emergence of innovative technologies, materials, and equipment, which allow in short times, without harm to human health to create a Hollywood smile. Lumineers are not the only way to achieve a perfect smile. The specialists of "DD clinic", with extensive clinical experience in the field of aesthetic dentistry used in your practice:

  1.  whitening: will fit You if You are satisfied with the shape, but not like the color;
  2.  veneers: thin pads on the front surface of the teeth, Lumineers different from the thickness;
  3.  crowns: are recommended when severe destruction of the coronal portion;
  4.  orthodontic treatment: the alignment of teeth using braces;
  5.  the alignment of the teeth mouthguards, which can be combined with bleaching after completing the entire course of treatment.

Recommendations for care

Once in the mouth there is any orthopedic design, it requires more care. Border "luminer-tooth" - an additional retention point for plaque accumulation.

In addition to toothpastes use mouthwashes that create a protective film on the surface of the teeth, and dental floss, interdental brushes for effective cleaning of interdental spaces. Pick up the items, means of hygiene of an oral cavity can help professionals "DD clinic».

Every six months must pass a range of professional care. Good oral hygiene prevents the development of caries on the surfaces that border the Lumineers. Don't forget that it is quite a fragile structure which needs to be protected from excessive loads. If desired, they can be removed without harm to the enamel.

The cost of Lumineers 4 255 UAH

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