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Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation – is a procedure to increase it’s volume, shape correction. This procedure is justified popular in Kiev – the center of business activity, where the hallmark of a person is his face. In addition, many girls dream about sensual lips in the style of Angelina Jolie. Nowadays your dream can become a reality and professionals of “DD clinic” will help you

How does the procedure pass

People suffering from chronic recurrent herpes, to prevent worsening of the disease, it is recommended the use of antiviral drugs for 2-3 days before the procedure. If necessary manipulations can be accompanied by the application anesthesia (anesthesia with the help of a gel, cream)

Duration of the contouring lips – 30-40 minutes.

The treatment concludes with a light massage, with which the doctor evenly distribute the gel in the thickness of the lips.

 Since hyaluronic acid is eventually completely absorbed by the body, you need to repeat injections after 8-12 months depending on the speed of resorption of the filler.

Preparations for lip augmentation in Kiev

Drugs synthesized on the basis of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin are used for contouring the lips. Most popular among these drugs are Z-fill (Germany), Restylane (Sweden), Juvederm (USA). The injections of such drugs is absolutely safe, virtually painless, hypoallergenic. Hyaluronic acid as a natural component of the skin is able to attract and hold water molecules, thereby supporting optimal hydration level of the skin. It also stimulates growth, cell function, increasing the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin fibers, making the skin taut, firm, elastic.


he red border of the lips, which made of injection to increase the volume, has the structure similar to the structure of the skin, differing only by a small number of upper horn scales, that’s why the blood vessels are so close to the surface and give the lips a red tint. Due to the large number located here nerve endings procedure may be more painful than other areas. The injection of hyaluronic acid in addition to increase, maintain moisture balance, which is a kind of prevention heilitis that occur peeling of the lips, cracks, flakes.

Except hyaluronic acid are widely used drugs of collagen that have human or animal origin, therefore, can cause an allergic reaction.

Also to fill the volume, shape correction, contour of the lips, the method of lipofilling is used – own adipose tissue is processed in a special way and with the help of injections is entered in the red border of the lips.

Indications for the procedure

Procedure of the lip augmentation for you if you have:

  • the desire to increase lip volume;;
  • the need to emphasize, to highlight the contour of the lips;
  • the need for correction of smile;
  • the need to correct the shape of the lips (pronounced asymmetry, etc.).

Contraindications for the procedure

Injections to increase lip cannot be conducted if You have:

  • purulent-inflammatory processes in the maxillofacial area;
  • exacerbation of herpes virus infection;
  • cheilitis of any etiology;
  • intolerance of hyaluronic acid;
  • fever;
  • decompensated systemic diseases;
  • receiving anticoagulants;
  • pregnancy, lactation.

Recommendations after the procedure

After the procedure of the lip augmentation is recommended for several days not to eat spicy, salty, hot, rough food. During the week you cannot enjoy the sauna, steam bath, gym, Solarium, swim in the open water, to be under the sun. You should refrain from facial massage, peels, scrubs, and other more aggressive cosmetic procedures for two weeks.

Possible complications

Lip augmentation can be accompanied by pain; after the injection point may appear redness in places of injections. In addition may appear hematomas (bruises). Slight swelling may persist for several days. All these symptoms are normal reaction for the aggressive cosmetic procedure and completely disappear within several days after the procedure.

An alternative to injections

For those who want to augment the lips in Kiev, but for some reasons can not be solved by an injection method, there is another way – free mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid. The procedure is preceded by peeling of the lips, to remove the upper scales and better product penetration. The modus operandi is the pulse current, under its influence in the cell membrane opens ion channels, through which molecules can pass. Thus cells are saturated with hyaluronic acid. Recommended 3-5 treatments at intervals of one week, hyaluronic acid injected into the tissues in this way, breaks down and is excreted faster, so non-injection mesotherapy of the lips is held every 2-3 months.

Lip augmentation in Kiev in «DD clinic». Before and after pictures: