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Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment

лечение каналов зуба

Root canal treatment – one of the most difficult and responsible areas of dentistry. Endodontist should be highly qualified, capable, in addition to time-tested methods of treatment of root canals using the latest trends in the therapy, materials, technologies.

These are the professionals practicing in the dental clinic "DD clinic". The relevance of their skills, training confirmed successful Ph. D. dissertations in the field of dentistry, as well as the series of certificates of completion of practical training courses, participation in specialized exhibitions and conferences.

Intending to cure the root canal of teeth, pulpitis or periodontitis in the dental clinic "DD clinic", don't hesitate – You made the right choice, which will allow us to expertly solve all the problems with the teeth 

The canal therapy, retreatment of root canals

The clinic endodontists perform root canal treatment of the tooth with the most modern technologies, equipment – dental channels have a fairly small diameter, so the exact determination of its morphology, topography, length is only possible with modern equipment. Dentists-endodontists dental clinic "DD clinic" work very accurately and precisely, paying special attention to the thorough purification, filling hard-to-reach lower third of the root canal.

Specialists of the clinic have not only primary treatment and retreatment of root canals. The latter takes some more time than the primary, since it is necessary to do a full wipe previously filled root canals. In some cases, dentists-endodontists have to be removed from root canals of teeth patients foreign bodies – for example, fragments of the tool. This procedure is performed with ultrasound, irrigation, various combinations of dental instruments.


лечение каналов

Treatment of pulpitis at any age

Doctor's dental clinic «DD clinic» successful treatment of pulpitis – both adults and children. In both cases, treatment is aimed at the localization of the pain, eliminate the cause of inflammation of the pulp. Depending on the nature of the disease, are used devital, conservative and operative methods of treatment of pulpitis.

Effective therapy in the treatment of periodontitis

The most difficult dental disease is periodontitis is an inflammation of the ligament of the tooth, which extends to the surrounding tissue. In this case, treatment will take longer than the treatment of pulpitis. However, proper medication, timely clearance of the channels from the remnants of the tooth pulp, high quality filling help to stop inflammation and, as a result of treatment to save the tooth.

Due to the high qualification, endodontists dental clinic "DD clinic" will help adults and young patients even in the most difficult cases. Here each patient is guaranteed good effective treatment, fair price policy, individual approach.

How is the procedure of root canal treatment of the tooth in Kiev

лечение каналов зуба

If a doctor, the decision was made about the need for endodontic treatment, treatment involves the following stages:

  1.  X-ray: on the image determined by the presence of periapical inflammation. If the channels were previously sealed – sealing quality, the presence of foreign bodies. Determined the working length of the canals.
  2.  Dissection of the cavity, the disclosure of the tooth cavity.
  3.  Extraction of the pulp – removal of the nerve.
  4.  Instrumental treatment of root canals: experts "DD clinic" is used not only manual, but machine and a processing method with the use of wysokiego hyperfine tools.
  5.  Drug treatment.
  6.  Filling of root canals.
  7.  Restoration of the anatomical shape of the tooth.


After root canal treatment pain, especially after bite, can be stored up to 14 days. May cause edema. Do not worry this is a normal reaction. For pain relief you can receive pain medication. If you experience extreme swelling, contact your doctor, You may require additional manipulation.

If during the treatment the doctor decided to leave the tooth open, You'll need to do at home oral baths ( ¼ teaspoon salt, ¼ teaspoon of baking soda per Cup of warm water), while eating close it with a cotton ball. If the doctor prescribed You any medications (antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs) is very important to accept them, strictly following the dosage and frequency techniques.

After endodontic treatment temporary filling is set. Permanent tooth filling is possible in 48 hours, that's how much time is required for final curing of the material. As the crown of the tooth is often very badly damaged, be prepared for the fact that to restore anatomical form using filling materials may fail and will need the use of prosthetic (crowns, inlays). The tooth, which was produced by removing the nerve, requires the control of x-ray diagnostics in six months and then once a year for three years. 

The price of root canal treatment in Kiev