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Dental implants

Dental implants

Dental implants – is a of complex surgical, orthopedic manipulations aimed at replacing the missing tooth, its counterpart – the implant. Neighboring teeth are not abelisaurs under prosthetic, remaining intact. That is why this procedure is so popular in the dental market.

The implant is the equivalent of the root of the tooth, which is made of alloy metals, where at the percentage ratio prevails titanium. The main requirement to such elements is biocompatibility with living tissues, in particular bone tissue. Different manufacturers add their "signature" features of each implant.

For example, the various notches or chemical method of surface treatment for better primary stability and further grafting, in addition, each manufacturer boasts their own unique size or shape. Many of them give a lifetime warranty on their implants.


What are the benefits of installing implants in "DD clinic»?

  1. The specialists of "DD clinic" working with world-known manufacturers of implants, which are certified in Ukraine;
  2. Manufacturers give a lifetime warranty on implants;
  3. Our doctors have extensive experience in the area of dental implantation and surgical dentistry, regularly attend international conferences, workshops, gaining new and improving existing skills;
  4. Modern equipment allows dental implantation even in difficult clinical cases;
  5. Our clinic has its own dental lab, which allows to make temporary structures in a short period of time and to achieve highly aesthetic results at the stage of prosthetics.
BioHorizon Alpha Dent Straumann

The implant system made in the USA. The unique technology of surface treatment of the implant Laser-Lok, lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, 99.2% of the success of implant treatment.

The implant system production of Israel. Innovative system of dental implants Alpha Dent meets the standards of ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. Is the best system among Israeli counterparts.

The implant system manufactured in Switzerland. The leader among the VIP segment. Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Due to the special coating SLActive have the highest percentage survival rate - 99,9%.

Installation steps for implant systems 

1. The preparatory stage - begins with examination of the oral cavity and the doctor's advice. The treatment plan. In this step also can include the dental health. If necessary, taking into account individual features of the structure of the maxillofacial area, the patient can be proposed sinus lift, bone grafting.

2. Implant placement - installing the implant into the bone tissue, suturing the wound. Implant surgeon gives further guidance to the patient. The Advisory jurisdiction during the entire postoperative period. Removal of stitches after a few days.

3. The formation of the gingival margin - after integration of the implant with the body of the jaw (3 to 6 months), the implant surgeon sets the abutment and gets an impression for subsequent fabrication of the crown.

4. Installing crown - removing the healing abutment. Statement of the abutment (used for installation of crowns. Installing crown of the chosen material.

5. Postoperative support - follow-up visit to the doctor. Recommendations for care and oral hygiene. Individual hygiene. Regular checkups in dentistry "DD clinic» and procedure of complex professional teeth cleaning 1 every 3-4 months.

In which cases do you need dental implants ?

Implantation is necessary in the case of replacement of missing teeth, especially if the adjacent teeth absolutely healthy and treating them for crowns undesirable.

Implants are used for:

  • Substitution of a single edentulous space
  • As a support for the denture in the absence of more than two teeth
  • As a support for full dentures in the absence of teeth

The implantation process in different cases may be different. It depends on the initial situation in the oral cavity, bone tissue level, presence of comorbidities. Therefore, the implantation can be:

  • Одноэтапной с немедленной нагрузкой. После такой имплантации Вы уходите от доктора не только с самим имплантатом, но и с коронкой, которая введена в прикус и участвует в жевании.
  • Одноэтапной с отстроченной нагрузкой. После такой имплантации Вы также уйдете с коронкой, но она не будет контактировать с соседними зубами, зубом-антагонистом, в результате чего процесс приживления имплантата ускоряется.
  • Двухэтапной. Установленный имплантат ушивается наглухо, после его приживления (через 3-6 месяцев) возможен второй этап имплантации – формирование десневого ложа под будущую коронку с последующим протезированием. Кроме одиночных коронок на имплантатах широко практикуется полное, условно-съемное протезирование.

Contraindications to the dental implantation

But despite all its advantages, this surgical procedure has a large number of contraindications, which are the following:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs;
  • cancer;
  • lesions bone lesions in upper/lower jaw;
  • purulent-inflammatory diseases localized in the maxillofacial area;
  • infectious diseases in acute form.

A mandatory examination before scheduling the operation is compur tomography (CT) of the segment or of the whole jaw, whereby the doctor of dentistry determines whether there are enough existing bone tissue, as well as the size, shape of the future implant.

What else should I know about dental implants ?

In some cases, when insufficient bone tissue level for implant placement, it is necessary to conduct additional bone-plastic surgery – sinus lift, the use of osteoplastic materials.

After operation the doctor will prescribe you drugs, will help you to choose oral health care items and products. A few days after the surgery the pain persists, may cause edema, hematoma (bruise), which is a normal reaction to surgery.

The prices for dental implants in Kiev