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Cleansing the face

Face cleaning

Face cleaning - is one of the most popular procedures in "DD clinic". The skin of the face is the only part of the body that is constantly open. The skin meets with negative effects of the environment. We don’t always use correct skin cosmetics (tonics, lotions, masks, serums) and so during cleaning we break the protective barrier of the skin called water-lipid mantle. Black dots appear as a result of sebum’s production, the skin becomes gray, dull. When using aggressive cleansers appear flaking and redness, the skin becomes more sensitive. A vicious circle: we carefully cleaned the skin, and it looks even worse. To solve this problem there is a professional face cleaning in Kiev.

Proper purifying of the skin

Professional face cleaning may be of a curative or preventive. Cleaning of medical character is doing as a course of treatment (3-4 treatment sessions every 1-2 weeks), for example, acne, seborrhea and other skin lesions with multiple inflammatory elements. Skin is held for the purpose of cleaning the pores of the content, exfoliating the top dead skin cells of the epidermis. Frequency depends on skin type: for oily skin – once every 10-14 days, normal and combination – 1 time per month, dry - 2-3 times per month. Distinguish mechanical, ultrasonic, vacuum, combination and atraumatic cleaning. Each type has its indications, contraindications, and the choice is based on the type of skin, the microcirculation, the presence of lesions. The basic stages of any kind of cleaning are:

  1.  Cleansing (make up removal) using milk make-up remover and cleansing gel for your skin type.
  2.  Steaming (open pores) may be done by such methods as vaporization with the regime of ozonation – classic opening pores with steam ozone disinfection, suitable for oily skin, with acne, is not suitable for sensitive skin, with rosacea; cold hydrogenation – opening the pores with the help of special gel with extracts from plants, the most universal method suitable for all skin types.
  3.  Proper cleaning of the face.
  4.  Applying clay mask.
  5.  Darsonvalization/cryomassage
  6.  Application of the cream.

The duration of the procedure is 60 minutes.

Important recommendations after face cleaning

On the day of the procedure it is recommended not to wash up, apply makeup (concealer, powder, blush), not to visit the pool, sauna, steam bath, Solarium, gym, swim in open water; you can use thermal water.

After a few days you may receive a scaling of the single areas, this is a normal reaction of the skin, which means that cell renewal is more intense. If you experience peeling, you must use a moisturizing cream or emulsion. Also after cosmetic manipulations sebum production may increase, this means that the grease tube from the excretory duct of the sebaceous glands were removed, their content freely on the surface of the skin. To remove the excess of skin secret, normalize the work of sebaceous glands can help alcohol-free tonic.

Do not forget that the key to a healthy and beautiful skin is proper care and regular cosmetic procedures. The experts of "DD clinic" will help you to get healthy skin.".

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