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European facial cleaning in Kiev

European cleansing facial combines a complex of cosmetology procedures aimed at effective, painless cleansing of the skin, the saturation of vitamins and nutrients, improvement of microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. After this procedure the skin looks clean, well-groomed, increases its elasticity, elasticity, color becomes uniform. This complex combines the most effective and versatile methods of purification, so it is suitable for all skin types, including dry, sensitive. That is why this procedure is particularly popular among patients "DD clinic". Our experts work on professional cosmetics Mesoestetic (Spain), BeautyMed (France), Bellitas (England), Ryor (Czech Republic), Demax (Japan).


Alongside our European cleansing there is a special procedure – the European cleaning, also called atraumatic. It is characterized by a cleansing of the skin, removal of toxins with the help of special medications.

The stages of the complex European facial cleansing

1. Determining skin type, diagnosis of her condition, recommendations for care.

2. Cleansing/make up removal milk makeup remover, cleansing gel by type.

3. Enzyme peel is soft, retraumatize cleansing, lightening of the skin by enzymes-extracts from papaya, pineapple.

4. Ultrasonic cleaning of the face, neck, décolleté – the contents of the pores is removed by means of ultrasonic waves, which also normalizes the cells, stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, with regular treatments the skin becomes more elastic, and elastic. In addition, the ultrasound softens scars, especially hypertrophic. If necessary, ultrasonic treatment is complemented by a mechanical.

5. Ultrasonic phonophoresis – the introduction of active serum on the skin in the deeper layers of the dermis with the aid of ultrasound.

6. Mask according to skin type, which has a pore constrictive, anti-inflammatory effect.

7. Darsonvalization, if necessary.

8. European facial massage to improve lymph flow.

Indications for the procedure

This complex is the most versatile skin procedure that is suitable for any type of skin can be done if You have:

  • open comedones (black spots), enlarged pores;
  • closed comedones (whiteheads or whiteheads);
  • bold type;
  • normal, combo;
  • dry, sensitive;
  • aging skin;
  • uneven complexion.

Contraindications for the procedure

  • purulent-inflammatory diseases localized in the maxillofacial area;
  • herpesvirus infection (active form);
  • dermatitis of any etiology;
  • cancer of any localization;
  • cardiovascular disease (severe form);
  • acute infectious disease, with high fever;
  • regional lymphadenitis;
  • pregnancy;
  • the presence of a pacemaker.

An alternative to the complex European cleansing facial

Alternative methods of purifying the skin and improve its condition, you can undergo the following procedures:

  • ultrasonic cleaning: cleansing using ultrasonic wave, which normalizes the activity of cells, stimulates collagen, elastin fibers, in contrast to the European cleaning consists of cleansing, steaming, cleaning itself, Parasurama mask. If necessary complemented by the mechanical cleansing of pores.
  • chemical peeling: a controlled damage to the skin by means of acids, which leads to the regeneration of the epidermis, improving complexion, reduced pores, normalizes the sebaceous glands;
  • microdermabrasion: superficial mechanical exfoliation that removes the upper Horny scales, partially cleans the pores of their content, improves microcirculation, lymph flow;

To enrich the skin with nutrients can be used:

  • non-injection mesotherapy (electroporation): under the action of high momentum electric current into skin contains active elements of the serum;
  • ultrasonic phonophoresis: the introduction of serum under the action of ultrasound;
  • mesotherapy: injection of medicinal substances, vitamins, amino acids and other elements by means of injections.

Recommendations after the procedure

After the procedure is comprehensive cleaning of the face is recommended during the day do not wash, do not use decorative cosmetics (Foundation, powder, blush), not visited bath, sauna, swimming pool, gym, swim in open water. You can use thermal water, alcohol-free, herbal tonics, moisturizing cream. After the procedure after a few days you may receive a scaling of the individual sites. This testifies to the renewal of the skin. European cleansing facial is recommended regardless of the type of the skin 1 time a month. To improve the result shows the complex European cleansing facial combined with a course of massage and active serums for your skin type. To choose the professional cosmetics for home care specialists will help You "DD clinic».