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Tooth restoration

Реставрация зубов

Tooth restoration

Tooth restoration - is a number of dental procedures that are aimed at the restoration of pathologically altered or damaged tooth. This procedure today is very popular among the patients of the dental clinics, however, has many subtleties, nuances; most often this procedure patients called the "building-up teeth».

You are interested in professional restoration of teeth in Kiev? The staff of the dental clinic "DD clinic" in Kiev pay attention of all interested in effective elimination of existing problems in the oral cavity with their professional services. You will be certainly pleased by the quality of the work!

Показания к художественной реставрации передних зубов

If you have dark enamel, there was a stone chip, crack, or any other visible defect, if there is a need to modify the natural aesthetics of the smile, with the help of restoration You will be able to:

  • reconstruct the surface;
  • change the spatial orientation of the tooth (position);
  • change its shape;
  • restore the integrity of the enamel;
  • renew aesthetic, functional components;
  • as an alternative to the classic filling.

In all these cases, You need aestetic restoration of teeth.

The separate place in the aestetic dentistry takes the restoration of anterior teeth. The demand for this procedure is associated with a high level of socialization of the citizens of Kiev-city, and therefore the need to look flawless, showing off her white smile. In addition to this popular aesthetic restoration of teeth on a glass pin is rather popular in Kiev. You may need this procedure if, in addition to the above items there is a necessity of root canal treatment. The fibreglass pin increases durability, reliable performance and prolongs the life of your restorated teeth.

Contraindications to the restoration of the teeth

Despite the universality of this method of restoration of function, aesthetics, the procedure has a number of contraindications, including:

  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • Allergy to components of the composite material;
  • pathological abrasion, attritions;
  • some types of maloclussion;
  • strong destruction of the crown, the inability to restore using composite material.

Types of restorations

There are two methods: direct and indirect. Direct means that all the manipulations are performed directly in the mouth of the patient. It lies in the layering of materials such as photopolymers or glassionomer different content with different characteristics. The materials used to restore front teeth are significantly different from the materials used for the restoration of posterior teeth. The skill of a dentist, which acts as an artist and jeweler during this procedure is very important.

Unlike filling restoration not only restores a tooth's shape, but also completely has the optical properties of hard tissues; due to this restoration have a high level of accuracy appropriate natural analogue.

The indirect method means the technology of micro-prosthetics – they are used to restore the micro dentures, such as inlays, onlays, veneers, which help to renew the anatomy, recreating the aesthetics, function. In this case, the surface is treated, the doctor gets the impressions for the dental lab. Undoubted advantage of "DD clinic" is its own dental lab, which guarantees the best quality of the work in the shortest possible time. When performing complex manipulations not only appropriate form surfaces are selected, but also the hue, the color of design, which later becomes invisible. The term fabrication of indirect restorations goes from 5 to 7 working days.

The advantages of "DD clinic»

Doctors dental clinic "DD clinic» when conducting restoration use only the most modern, innovative, unique methods, which confirms the large number of certificates and awards. The two main factors – the high qualification of doctors, their experience, and the use of high quality materials of world famous brands, modern high-precision equipment – are the key to success.

If You are interested in tooth restoration or restoration of teeth, You can refer to the real professionals, who have extensive clinical experience in the area of aesthetic dentistry. The specialists of "DD clinic", which is located in Solomenskiy district in Kiev, will perform work on the restoration of any complexity at a high level, making your smile perfect.

How does the procedure pass

How does the procedure go

  1.  Consultation during which the doctor will determine the feasibility of preservation. x-ray examination: definition inflammatory lesion in the periapical tissues, root canals.
  2.  Endodontic treatment if necessary.
  3.  Local anesthesia
  4.  Direct restoration, using composite materials. The doctor will agree with You the color of the future restoration, will consider Your wishes regarding the form of the tooth. For this purpose the experts of "DD clinic" use photocomposite leading manufacturers, a special place among them is occupied by the nanocomposite (Filtek Supreme XT, "Ceram-X", NanoPaq) and microhybrid materials (Filtek Z 250, Polofil Supra)
  5.  Verification, correction of the restoration if it’s necessary.
  6.  Grinding, polishing restoration
  7.  Recommendations for care

What you can and cannot do after aesthetic restorations ?

If the restoration of the tooth was accompanied by anesthesia, it is recommended to eat only when completely passed it’s effect (on the upper jaw it goes to 1-2 hours, the lower jaw – up to 4 hours). The first day is recommended to exclude from food coloring products (tea, coffee, wine, soy sauce, colored juices), as food dyes in this period of time can stain the restoration, especially after the restoration of front teeth. After termination of anesthesia may be feeling that You interfere with the restoration; in this case you need to make an appointment at reception for it’s correction. A few days after restoration may appear sensitivity to cold, hot, sour, which resolves spontaneously over several days. With the appearance of pulsating, night, constant pain and severe pain at bite you need to make an appointment to see a doctor for a consultation, x-ray diagnostics and possible further endodontic treatment. Restorations should be polished every 6 months during the procedure of the professional teeth cleaning to maintain their shine and color. It is recommended to use toothbrushes with rubber inserts, which polish artificial surfaces in the oral cavity, and the use of mouthwashes to create a film that will protect your teeth from plaque, stains during the day. The doctors of “DD clinic” will help you to choose items of the oral health care.»

Aestetic restoration of teeth in Kiev. Before and after pictures:
Цены на реставрацию зубов в Киеве