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Childrens orthodontist

Детский ортодонт

Children's orthodontist

Children's orthodontist now becoming very in high demand among the residents of the city of Kiev. He deals with the correction of bite, alignment of the dentition. An experienced specialist will help identify, solve even the most complex orthodontic problem at the stage of change of milk teeth to permanent. One of the best pediatric orthodontists in Kiev by right can be considered by specialists of dental clinic "DD clinic».

Whether to treat baby teeth?

Erroneous is the view of some parents that to correct the bite you need in adulthood, because children's teeth are not yet formed, and therefore, as they grow older, the situation may change. Experienced experts recommend orthodontic treatment it is necessary to make during the formation of the teeth-jaw system. This will help to avoid many problems, possible complications later. For example, if your child is the curvature of the dentition, it is likely that this problem will pass already in the permanent dentition. However, sometimes relapses in adulthood. In this case it is necessary to carry out orthodontic treatment again.

In addition, do not forget that orthodontic treatment is a comprehensive therapy. In some complex cases, the treatment may be divided into several stages: from wearing plates in childhood before the braces in the adult.

All who dare to such treatment, you must be disciplined and have patience, because the success of treatment depends not only on doctors, but also from the patient. Do not forget that the process of orthodontic treatment is a long process.

Stages in the development of malocclusion in children

The development of the dentition begins in utero. First time to go to the dentist for an examination is needed after the eruption of the first baby tooth, then preventive examinations every six months.

The bite goes through the following stages of development:

  1.  Dairy: from the appearance of the first milk to first DC (6 months to 5-6 years). At this time, often turn to a pediatric orthodontist; harmonious development of the dentition in General and occlusion in particular is the presence of three, diastemata – gaps between teeth.
  2.  Replacement: from the eruption of the first permanent dropout of the last of the milk. During this period there is both milk teeth and permanent (6-12 years).
  3.  Permanent early: already have all permanent teeth, but their roots are at different stages of development.
  4.  Constant late: the roots and finish their formation, but the bone component continues to evolve.
  5.  Constant formed: finally formed the roots of the jaw; the development of maxillofacial system is finished.

Causes of dental abnormalities in children

On the development of the dentition, the occurrence of malocclusions can have an impact:

  1.  Heredity (most orthodontic abnormalities are transmitted genetically).
  2.  Prenatal factors (maternal illness during pregnancy, bad habits, unfavorable environment).
  3.  Complications during delivery, birth injuries.
  4.  Diseases the first year of life.
  5.  Chronic systemic disease (including ENT pathology).
  6.  Bad habits (thumb sucking, foreign objects, laying tongue between his teeth, drawn cheeks, lips).
  7.  Early loss of baby teeth due to decay, its complications.
  8.  Injuries of the maxillofacial region.

Bite correction in children

To begin to level you from the very young age. For the young patients of the children's orthodontist uses myogymnastics, before prosthodontic trainers – special standard maxillary mouthguards. All this is aimed at normalization of the muscles, which can affect the position of the teeth.

At older ages, are records that have active elements. The use of fixed orthodontic technique is possible only after the eruption of all permanent teeth, the final formation of roots.

Rates, cost of services children's orthodontist in Kiev

To find a good pediatric orthodontist in Kiev at a reasonable price is a daunting task. However, the optimal ratio of price-quality still exists. You must remember that the cost of dental services depends on many factors such as: the level of the clinic, its market positioning, experience, the success of a children's orthodontist, his credibility in scientific circles.

Dental clinic "DD clinic" offers superior reception specialist, candidate of medical Sciences. The doctor has a vast clinical experience, a special approach to the kids. Absolute advantage is the fact that the specialists of "DD clinic" have an integrated approach to treatment: Your baby in addition to orthodontic treatment, will eliminate caries and its complications, will teach how to brush their teeth, and will also help pick up the items, hygiene of the oral cavity. To learn more about the results of orthodontic treatment in the section "Our works».