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Pediatric dentistry

Детский стоматолог

Pediatric dentistry «DD clinic»

Pediatric dentistry occupies a special place in the dental clinic "DD clinic". The teeth are formed the child still in the womb, however, they begin to erupt only at 6 months of life. With the appearance of the first tooth, it is desirable for the first time to see a doctor that has good reviews and specializes in pediatric dentistry, because to take care of the health of the teeth at an early age. Some of the best pediatric dentists in Kiev are doctors of the dental clinic.

Pediatric dentist Kiev

The important point for the formation and instilling in the child dental culture is to visit the dentist every 3 months. The child should get used to the doctor and to the clinic. During the inspection you are not experiencing pain, so every time during the reception, the child will not experience the panic before going to the dentist.

Since 7 years should pay particular attention to the prevention of disease in permanent teeth in children. Because in this period there is an opportunity to prevent many diseases of the oral cavity. For example, it is possible to prevent a disease such as caries (both baby and indigenous), producing the procedure of fissure’s sealing. This dental manipulation is completely painless so is performed without anesthesia and the use of a drill, which scares the children. Popular means of preventing caries is a process of deep fluoridation. During the manipulation of the tooth enamel is enriched with fluoride, which prevents the formation of cariogenic flora. Also the period starting from 7 years old, it is favorable for orthodontic treatment - the correction of the bite and alignment of the dentition. At this time it is necessary to actively cultivate a culture of oral health care. Here can help vivid toothbrush, special toothpaste. In addition, specialists in dentistry "DD clinic" used colored children fillings, colored braces and orthodontic appliances with drawings, various ornaments, crystals and skyces at affordable prices. The child is actively involved in the treatment process, with interest by getting involved in it – to choose the color of fillings, braces, drawing for the plate or shape decoration on the tooth.

Children's dental clinic

Professional hygiene of the oral cavity is absolutely painless and very necessary procedure. It includes removal of Tartar with ultrasound, teeth polishing, Air-Flow method, which allows to remove the accumulated plaque on the teeth, visually whitens teeth, prevent many diseases.

The positive reputation of the clinic

Many parents are interested in the prices for children’s dental treatment, as well as reviews of children's dentist in Kiev. The direction of pediatric dentistry is quite affordable in terms of pricing policy. Read reviews of anyone can in the "Guest book". Dental clinic "DD clinic" applies advanced innovative techniques that meet the highest standards of pediatric dentistry. Doctors are constantly improving their skills, which are evidenced by numerous certificates and diplomas. Treatment involves qualitative pedodontics materials (special designed for children), allowing to perform dental procedures at a high level.

Rates in pediatric dentistry

Prices for the treatment of decidious teeth, caries treatment of decidious teeth, extraction of decidious teeth (milk tooth extraction) in the dental clinic "DD clinic" are the most affordable in Kiev.

Children’s dentistry (Kyiv) is designed to provide the teeth of even the smallest patients the highest level of protection and timely elimination of all defects and shortcomings which can hurt their functional and aesthetic characteristics. In "DD clinic" work high-class doctors, so they will make the smile of your child the most beautiful and natural.

Pediatric dentist (Kyiv) currently enjoys a slow but growing demand from citizens of the Kyiv-city in necessity of formation of the younger generation of culture care of yourself and your health, that is, from a very early age. Working in a specialized private clinic "DD clinic" pediatric dentist (Kyiv) as quickly and painlessly eliminate all the problems and flaws with the teeth of your baby, as well as will effectively prevent their occurrence in future. In addition, you will receive expert advice on the care of all organs of the oral cavity.

Prices for children's dentistry in Kiev