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Contour correction

Контурная пластика лица

Contour correction

Contour correction – is a method for injection facelift, which is performed in the clinic and does not require a long rehabilitation period. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia so it is completely painless. Besides, experts DD clinic use only certified products of world famous brands, so you can easily trust our doctors.

Contour correction is not only painless, but also safe!

Indications for the procedure

To say that contouring can/need to do with a certain age is wrong. Everything depends on biological age and skin condition and desired result. Contouring is right for you if you have:

  • fine and deep wrinkles on the face, neck;
  • flabby, loose skin of the face;
  • loss of contour of the face;
  • defects of the skin (atrophic scars, post-acne);
  • the desire to increase lip volume;
  • the desire to highlight the cheekbones, to form the chin.

Контурная пластика в Киеве

Contraindications for contouring the face and lips

All contraindications for the procedure are not absolute, enables manipulation is possible after removal, and compensation of these states. These include:

  • purulent-inflammatory processes localized in the maxillofacial area;
  • herpesvirus infection (active form);
  • diseases associated with bleeding disorders, peripheral circulatory disorders;
  • acute infectious diseases, which are accompanied by fever;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus (decompensated form);
  • status after conducting the procedures microdermabrasion, chemical peels;
  • the tendency to keloids, hypertrophic scars;
  • contouring done earlier with the use of non-absorbable drugs;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

The method

Суть метода контурной пластикиThe essence of the procedure is that if something will be entered under the wrinkle –it will be relaxed. The procedure is absolutely painless and is performed under local anesthesia. The duration of the session depends on study plots from an hour to several hours. The result of the procedure will last from 6 months to several years depending on the speed of resorption of the filler. It is recommended to undergo the procedure every year, you may be assigned 1-2 additional support session. Contouring is compatible with biorevitalisation, botulinum therapy and other anti-aging programs. Depending on the desired result the doctor can work with a separate zone or all the face.

Lip contouring

Контурная пластика губ в Киеве

This is a procedure to increase it’s volume, shape correction. For this purpose fillers based on synthetic hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin are used. The introduction of such drugs is absolutely safe, virtually painless, hypoallergenic.

Hyaluronic acid as a natural component of the skin is able to attract and hold water molecules, thereby supporting optimal hydration level of the skin. It also stimulates growth, cell function, increasing the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin fibers, making the skin taut, firm, elastic. Red border outline, in which injections to increase lip volume are providing, has the structure similar to the structure of the skin, differing only by a small number of upper horn cells, that’s why the blood vessels are so close to the surface and give the lips a red tint. Due to the large number located here nerve endings procedure may be more painful than other areas. The injection of hyaluronic acid in addition to increase, maintain moisture balance, which is a kind of prevention heilitis that occur peeling of the lips, cracks, flakes.

People suffering from chronic recurrent herpes, to prevent worsening of the disease, it is recommended the use of antiviral drugs for 2-3 days before the procedure. If necessary manipulations can be accompanied by the application anesthesia (anesthesia with the help of a gel, cream).

Duration of the contouring the lips in Kiev – 30-40 minutes. Since hyaluronic acid is eventually completely absorbed by the body, it is necessary to repeat the injections after 8-12 months depending on the speed of resorption of the filler.

Контурная пластика губ

Possible complications and recommendations


At the site of injection can be traces from injections, minor swelling and bruising, which will disappear without a trace within 3-4 days. Places of injections possible relapse of herpes, to prevent prescribe antiviral drugs for a few days before the contouring in Kiev.

After the procedure advised not to wash up, do not use decorative cosmetics (foundation, powder, blush), take a hot bath, steam bath, sauna, pool, Solarium, sunbathing, swim in the open water. It is recommended to use sunscreens. After the procedure of the lip augmentation it is better to avoid eating salty, sharp, rough, hot food. After the contouring a few weeks you need to refrain from peels, scrubs, massages, other more aggressive cosmetic procedures.