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Metal free crowns

Metal free crowns

Metal free crown is an orthopedic design that cover the tooth on all sides. Such designs are manufactured using advanced technologies, regardless of the modern stage of development of aesthetic dentistry. If You need to fabricate a crown on the tooth and You want it the most aesthetically pleasing, did not differ from the adjacent teeth, the specialists of "DD clinic" will help You with this. Podiatrists clinic have extensive experience in the field of aesthetic dentistry, removable prosthetics, so You are sure to be happy with the result.

Types of metal-free crowns

A distinctive feature is the lack of metal in contrast to the solid, plastic, ceramic counterparts. This provides ease design gives it a more attractive appearance, similarity to natural teeth.

There are several types of metal free crowns. One of them is pressed ceramics, made by technology E. max, which consists entirely lithium-desyatnik ceramic masses. This gives the design a high aesthetic qualities, but they are quite fragile and more susceptible to chipping than porcelain crown fabricated using other technologies.

Wide popularity have designs on aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide. Such structures consist of a cap that is milled with the aid of computer technology, and the applied ceramics. The exclusion of the human factor on the laboratory stages of manufacturing ensures the high precision of the fit of the structure, as a result the lack of getting the plaque under the edge of the crown, as well as destruction of the tooth. The most popular among patients, "DD clinic" use crowns on zirconium oxide, which have an optimal ratio the price/quality on the dental services market in Kyiv. Zirconium oxide is a durable material that can serve the owner of a crown over a decade, without changing its aesthetic characteristics. On cap made of Zirconia layering ceramic mass, to achieve the optical properties characteristic of natural hard tissues of the teeth.

Alternative metal-free crowns in Kiev

To date, all the characteristics of a metal-free crowns come out on top. So pick the design that would not concede to them on aesthetics, strength very hard. In some cases, total prosthetics you can use metal-free crowns for dentures front teeth, where aesthetics are important, and sintered metal – chewing group. Although cermet inferior to metal-free constructions in all characteristics, is still in demand among patients, as the pricing of such orthopedic products is much lower.

Indications for use

Non-metal construction can be manufactured as a single crowns on teeth or bridges. Indications for the production are:

  • defects in the coronal portion obtained as a result of caries, trauma, non-carious lesions that cannot be treated by conservative methods (filling, restoration);
  • anomalies of tooth form;
  • the discoloration in vital and devital teeth, which cannot be balanced with the help of bleaching;
  • incorrect position of detached or groups of teeth as an alternative to wearing braces;
  • the absence of one or more teeth.


Apply non-metal construction is impossible if You have:

  • periodontal diseases severe degrees of severity;
  • large length of defects of dentition;
  • parafunction masticatory muscles;
  • some types of the malocclusion.

How does the procedure pass

To ensure that You could leave the office with fixed crown should undergo several stages of treatment.

  1.  consultation of the orthopedist, during which the doctor will determine whether to use crowns, offer alternative methods of treatment;
  2.  x-ray of the teeth, which will be borne by the crown, to determine the presence of an inflammatory lesion in the root canals, near the root apex;
  3.  therapeutic training (root canal treatment if necessary), under a single all-ceramic crowns teeth can remain alive in the absence of nerve inflammation;
  4.  the choice of color, shape future crown;
  5.  tooth preparation on the thickness of the future design (up to 0,6 mm on each surface);
  6.  receiving the impression;
  7.  fabrication and fixing of temporary crowns;
  8.  the fabrication of crowns in a dental laboratory (5-7 working days);
  9.  fit and fixation in the oral cavity;
  10.  recommendations for care.


Once in the mouth there is the orthopedic design, even if it's only one crown, oral hygiene should be especially careful. In addition to toothpastes, mouthwashes there is a need for daily use of flosses, interdental brushes. Selection of tools, items of the oral health specialists will help You “DD clinic”.