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full price list «DD CLINIC»
Composite filling
Composite filling from 395 UAH
Tooth extraction
Tooth extraction from 595 UAH
Teeth cleaning
Teeth cleaning from 255 UAH
Dental implantation
Dental implantation from 6950 UAH
Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening from 1850 UAH
Braces from 7950 UAH
Crowns from1755 UAH
Fillings for kids
Fillings for kids from 385 UAH
Advantages of «DD CLINIC»
HIGHLY SKILLED STUFF Most of the doctors have science degree and attend international dental conferences
COMPLEX APPROACH Treatment plan considering individual characteristics
AMERICAN DENTISTRY STANDARDS Most of the doctors had education and clinical training in the USA
MODERN EQUIPMENT high-precision modern equipment
HI-TECH progressive methods of treatment are using in the clinic
DISCOUNTS Opportunity to get family discount
GUARANTEES Clinical guarantees exceed Ministrys guarantees
OWN DENTAL LAB All prosthetics are making faster than usual
INNOVATIVE MATERIALS We work with sertified materials of world-known brands
100% STERILITY Disposable instruments, full sterilization cycle

Dentistry Kiev "DD clinic"

администратор-стоматологии«The dentist is a friend who helps to smile» - the motto of the best clinic that helps to take care of dental health of the whole family - from the youngest to the adults. The best specialists in the area of dentistry in Kiev are waiting for you in «DD clinic».

Individual approach guarantees an excellent result. Patients of different ages will get in the dental clinic quality medical care, strictly conforming to indications.

A wide range of services, ranging from preventive and hygienic procedures and ending with implantation, available to anyone interested in dental service Kiev. Experts will select the best treatment program, applying the latest advances of the dentistry, using innovative treatment techniques and modern materials.


Hello, doctor!

«DD clinic» is proud of its staff. Each doctor that works in the clinic - doctor of the highest category. Their research articles are publishing in top medical journals. Most of specialists have a degree and experience in many areas of dentistry.

But living by the principle: "excellence", they constantly improve their professional level, participating in various symposia and seminars. The high professional skills of specialists is suggested by diplomas and certificates.

The knowledge and experience of the doctor is successfully applied in practice, implementing the latest developments. Dental clinic Kiev "DD clinic" uses the most modern materials and the most innovative technologies that help to cope even with very difficult cases, allowing to achieve excellent results.

The quality of the work of the dental clinic depends on the quality of raw materials

Modern dentistry Kiev steps strides towards improvements of the quality of materials and equipment in Kiev. New items appear almost every day. Doctor's of the dental clinic follow all the novelties of world manufacturers and actively use them in their work.

Our specialists work with materials of world-known brands


All of these manufacturers before the release of their new products to market, conduct workshops for doctors, which will work with these materials.

But, as you know, the quality of the material depends on the quality of services.

Guarantee the result in Kiev - «DD clinic»

The majority of dental services in Kyiv are warranted. This is the period of elimination of defects by the clinic, free of alteration or replacement in case of defects that arose after the end of treatment the patient is liable.

The Ministry of health officially regulated warranty periods for dental services. For example, guarantee for composite fillings is 6 to 24 months, fillings of glass - ionomer cement-1 to 6 months, a non-removable prosthetics (crowns, veneers) - from 12 to 24 months removable prosthetics (dentures) from 6 to 24 months.

гарантия-фотополимерная-пломба гарантия-стеклоиномерная-пломба гарантия-коронки-виниры гарантии-забные-протезы

But this does not mean that on the expiry of the warranty period will become worthless. There is also the concept of life materials and designs. Doctors "DD clinic" Kiev is always interested in the designs made by our professionals have served as long as possible. Therefore, considering the individual characteristics of each patient in Kiev,dentists always establish predictable operational terms, which often exceeds above normal. This takes into consideration such factors as: the patient's age, General health, the scope of recommended treatment plan, clinical situation in the mouth cavity, the level of complexity of clinical cases, peculiarities of the influence of the environment on the patient

Also, when considering warranty cases are taken into account: diseases of internal organs and changes to the physiological state of the organism, the hygiene of the oral cavity, the recommendations of the doctor, a visit to the doctor with the recommended frequency, force majeure, etc

Guarantee of sterility - dental clinic in Kiev «DD clinic»


In the dental clinic "DD clinic" strictly complied with the rules of disinfection and sterilization. The implementation of these rules is controlled by the sanitary-epidemiological service, as well as directly by the leadership of the clinic.

Sterilization cycle tools are manufactured with the highest quality of imported equipment of leading European manufacturers in a specially equipped sterilization box. Before sterilization, all instruments are mechanically cleaned in special disinfectants for several hours. For a more thorough cleaning ultrasonic bath is used. To check the quality of the processing mandatorily apply asupernova, phenolphthalein sample. Then the instruments are Packed in special packages for single use, which have indicators of sterility. They are placed in the autoclave, where under the temperature above 100 degrees Celsius tools are sterilizated. After such manipulation of the instrument becomes sterile and is placed for storage in a special ultraviolet Boxing Panmed.

All consumables that are used in the treatment process (gloves, syringes, needles, wipes, masks, saliva ejectors, rollers, needles) are exclusively single-use. After the procedure they are subjected to professional disposal.

слюноотсос-пылесос панель с инструментами стоматолога ултразвуковая ванночка для очистки ультрафиолетовый бокс ( Panmed) крафт-пакет Автоклав Хранение крафт-пакета в ультрафиолетовом боксе

In addition, all surfaces in the "DD clinic" are regularly processed with a chemical disinfectants and exposed to ultraviolet light, so we can guarantee the sanitary safety

The etiquette of the dental clinic «DD clinic»

If You have to cancel the appointment, try to do it as early as possible

Arrive in time or 10-15 minutes before your appointment, so You have time to prepare.

While waiting, the manager will offer You water, tea or coffee. You can also use Wi-Fi Internet access.

Try not to be late because You can delay the time of the next patient, disrupting the schedule of the doctor. If You cannot arrive on time, please try to find a way to notify the manager . In case of delay of more than 20 minutes, Your appointment may be rescheduled for another time

To maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the clinic don’t talk loudly, as this may disturb doctors or other patients. Delicately share the space of the clinic with other patients.

Answer all the questions that are important for the correct diagnosis, treatment. Feel free to ask your questions to the doctor if something is unclear or You would like to obtain additional information about the treatment plan, the procedures, prescription medications.

«DD clinic» is a professional network of dental clinics in Kiev. We are located in Solomenskiy district, Lobanovskogo Ave, 4G and in Darnitsky district, metro station Pozniaky, Anna Ahmatova str., 30. Here you will be able to dissolve all problems with your teeth in the easy, simple and painless way. Qualified staff of the clinic help. At their disposal we have all the necessary medical equipment, medicines, as well as an experienced team of doctors. Our dentistry is an excellent service, full range of professional medical services that are available to all.

«DD clinic» is considered by local inhabitants of Kiev and other districts of the Ukrainian capital, as one of the best in its kind. Here, you can always count on to provide top-notch medical care truly global quality. "DD clinic" - it's always the perfect combination of impeccable service, attentive staff who takes note of all the requirements and wishes of the patient and its physiological characteristics.

Thanks to us, your teeth will be healthy, shine, white that will be noticed by others..